2014-2015 Harrisburg Lunatics Tryouts Announced

Tryouts this year will be free, we will be selecting two teams, either 1 pro and 1 semi-pro or 2 semi-pro teams.

Sunday July 27th, 1:30PM to 4PM
Friday August 1st, 6:30PM to 9PM
Sunday August 3rdm 2:30PM to 5PM
A 4th date may be added, candidates will be informed

Tryouts will be held at the Yellow Breeches Sports Center, 700 Shawnee Court, New

Cumberland Pa. 17070 go to www.yellowbreechessports.com for directions or call 717-763-8062

You MUST attend one of the 3 dates, but attending all is in your best interest.

Tryout fee is: Free! To all player candidates, whether you were on the 2013-14 team or not.

After tryouts if you are selected to the team for pro or semi-pro you will be responsible for a fee of a minimum of $400. $200 of which will be due immediately upon selection as a sign of commitment. The remainder of money is due before the start of the first game of the season in full.

Candidates chosen for the pros and semi-pro must be available for team practices on a regular basis. If you can’t attend practices and games, the team reserves the right to remove you from the roster and replace you.

Please print out this form and bring it to tryouts completed!

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