Your 2013 Harrisburg Lunatics Pro and Central PA Lunatics Minor Team

Bubba Albright
Erik Balthaser
Alex Cardello
Bryan Henry (Goalie)
Richard Hoffer
Dennis Hufnagle
Jay Mazer
Josh Murphy
Zack Rohrbach
David Sheppard
Brian Yingling

Jeff Bingaman
Alex DeFrank
Brian Duchesne
Jeff Farenga (Goalie)
Jeff Fitser
Tyler Gilbert
Brandon Harlacher
Ryan Howard
Brad Keller (Goalie)
Alex Leland
Bill Macnamara
Ryan McCrone
Matt Morgan (Goalie)
Bobby Neely
Danny Nguyen
Logan Rexrode
Brian Sheffield (Goalie)
Angel Silva

If you notice there are 14 players and 4 goalies on the minor team. The Goalies have been contacted and understand and agree upon how they will be used between Pro and Minor Games and their involvement in each division.
We will be taking 2 minor players for each Pro game and we will give you more details about this when practices begin.

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